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Read the interview with Lorenzo Ballester, co-founder of EyePerformance and CEO of Node

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Q1: Lorenzo, what inspired the creation of and its aim to revolutionize financial asset analysis?

Lorenzo: We realized traditional investing methods weren't sufficient for fast-paced, data-heavy markets. was born to empower finance professionals with AI-driven insights and predictions, enhancing their decision-making capacity.

Q2: Fascinating! How does leverage AI to provide analytical insights, and what sets it apart from other solutions?

Lorenzo: boasts 44,000 AI models and over 10,000 cores, granting unmatched learning capabilities. It's predictive, adaptive, interpretable, and reliable, allowing users to anticipate asset behaviour and understand key variables, setting it apart from competitors.

Q3: Impressive features! Can you tell us about's key offerings and the benefits they offer to different financial professionals?

Lorenzo: Certainly! offers three core solutions:

1. AI Models - Actionable Financial Intelligence: These cutting-edge AI Models analyze thousands of factors across asset classes daily, providing valuable insights to adapt quickly to global market trends. Ideal for equity analysts, asset managers, brokers, and more.

2. Custom Reports - Transparency for Clients: Automated, customizable white-label reports save time for private bankers, wealth managers, and financial advisors, offering in-depth insights.

3. Dynamic Asset Allocation: Maximizing risk-returns during market fluctuations, this tool is designed for CIOs, multi-asset strategists, and wealth managers.

Q4: A comprehensive suite of solutions! Could you share the journey of EyePerformance and since their inception?

Lorenzo: Founded in 2018, EyePerformance focused on developing core AI models and reliable financial portfolios that outperformed benchmarks. By 2022, we tested final products with clients, leading to's launch in July 2023.

Q5: Impressive growth! In summary, what makes unique, and how does it transform financial asset analysis?

Lorenzo:'s AI-driven platform, backed by advanced models and cores, offers unparalleled insights. It empowers finance professionals, democratizing data interpretation with cutting-edge technology.


Summary: In this interview, we explored how, powered by advanced AI models and cores, revolutionizes financial asset analysis. Lorenzo Ballester, co-founder of EyePerformance and CEO of, shared the inspiration behind's creation, focusing on empowering finance professionals with actionable insights.'s key offerings, including AI Models for financial intelligence, Custom Reports for transparency, and Dynamic Asset Allocation for risk-returns optimization, cater to various financial professionals. The journey of EyePerformance and, from inception to its launch in July 2023, reflects a commitment to transforming financial asset analysis with innovative technology.

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